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I've made keeping in touch with loved ones super easy for you! This pandemic has been.... a bit of a nightmare to say the least, as we all know... So I started the "send a little love" mailing service to encourage good old fashioned snail mail, and send some colourful and cheery notes out into the world! And I have enjoyed writing every that has been ordered, knowing it will brightens someone's day and add some joy to their letterbox- especially for those stuck indoors right now!

So here's how it works: 

-You select a card from the collection here.
-You enter the recipient's name and address. * 
-You add your message. 
-And checkout! 

That's it! Then I personally hand write the message, address and post the card! Done!

You can choose from a variety of greeting cards, and postcards, themes for birthdays & special occasions, prints of Aussie birds, and florals, and kind words of comfort from my "just checking in" range! 
Take your pick!


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Greeting Cards
All Occasions 
Valentine's Day

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Aussie birds & flowers
Story Girls Postcards
'Just checking in' Postcards

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Would you like to send a bunch of cards to lots of people? Maybe some thank you notes to wonderful employees, a thinking of you note to all family members, or some special news? 

Feel free to contact me for "bulk" orders, and we can work out all the details without you having to place an order for each individual card in the shop! Easy!
Christmas cards will be added to the service soon! Get in touch for more info :)


*Cards are sent via regular mail with a domestic postage stamp- the old fashioned way! Due to the beauty of "snail mail" I can't guarantee a super speedy delivery or that it will arrive by the exact date you wish for. BUT any form of snail mail - which isn't a boring bill - is a welcome piece of sunshine in someone's mailbox, even if it's a little delayed!

*This service is currently only available for Australian addresses due to the major worldwide postage delays. Sorry for the inconvenience! The good news is if you live overseas, but have friends and family here in Aus, you can still send them a card without it taking months to reach them! 

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