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“Story Girls” Collection

(From left to right)

“The Dreamer” - The girl with her head in the clouds, living in a whimsical world of swirls, curls, patterns and flowers. She has a million ideas, and is a strong believer of magic.

“The Maker” - The crafter, painter, the creator of anything she can think of. She can be found surrounded by colours, materials, pens, pencils and anything inspiring. She’ll do anything she can to make an idea work, even when people call her crazy!


“The Comfort Seeker” - Most at home wrapped in layers in frosty weather, she finds happiness in the crunching of the leaves beneath her feet, the colours of autumn and the cool, fresh air on her face after snowfall… oh and a hot cup of coffee of course. 

“The Treasure Hunter” - A collector of trinkets. Anything from a delicate feather to an old rusty key, she loves anything that holds a story, she treasures them for their beauty and their importance to her, and wears them proudly in her crown. She holds onto memories, inspiration and anything that catches her eye.


“The Dresser” - The party planner, a lover of fancy dress who can’t see past an elaborate theme. She enjoys every second of organising the show and creating another world for her guests to step into. Why settle for a few decorative jewels when you can recreate Aladdin’s Cave?! 

All available as beautiful prints in the shop!

“Home Dream Home” Collection


Each of these colourful houses sprouted from my imagination. Inspired by dreams of a beautiful home, and the characters of beautiful houses and buildings I’ve seen on my travels. My personal favourite is the “The Dorothy Townhouse”, the yellow brick beauty with a Ruby Red door!

Which is your favourite?

All available as beautiful prints in the shop!

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